You’ll Be Incessantly Up-SoldUp-selling

If you enjoy continually being called on the phone, goaded, prodded, and encouraged to spend more money or purchase more products and services, this program is for you.

For part 2, I will explain the second and third reasons why you should not pay for Live Out Loud by Loral Langemeier.

I was pretty frustrated early on as I realized almost immediately that I probably made a mistake by signing up and that the program was not for me.

However, one of the so-called perks of the 100K Challenge, at least at that time was an event known as “Three Days To Cash (3D2C)”.  By signing up for the 100K Challenge, the cost of 3D2C was included in the price.  It was a three-day event and I was guaranteed to make money at the event.

The event took place in early December, a little over a month after I signed up and was held in San Diego.

I looked forward to it and wondered how in the world they could guarantee that I’d make money there.

By the way, apparently Loral attends some of the 3D2C events, which is one of the things she talks about at her free events.  She was not at the 3D2C event that I attended.  I don’t remember why.

Although there was a lot of good information presented at the event and there were some pretty cool small group activities, there were also times when whether I liked it or not, we were presented with sales pitches to sign up for this or that program.

They pitched programs and products intermittently and concurrently throughout the three-day event.

One of the programs I fell for was their pitch about Infusionsoft, a software program that would “take my business to the next level”.

No, I wasn’t forced to buy it but being part of the captive audience, I was subjected to the lengthy sales pitch that made it seem like the best thing since sliced bread.

To be fair, I have nothing against Infusionsoft.  From what I now know, and what I realized even then, after signing up for it, is that it’s a great system with lots of benefits.  On the other hand, it was way more than I needed or could afford at the time.

I “took advantage” of the event special pricing of “ONLY”  $1,250 plus $259 per month–a “steal” it was called. I ended up canceling the program two months later.  That’s approximately $1,700 I’ll never see again.

I take responsibility for signing up but the fact that it was presented when and how it was bothers me greatly!Guaranteed to make money

By the way, I made $10 at the 3D2C.  Yes, some people made more, even quite a bit more.  So, they can say they lived up to the guarantee that I’d make money there, although, at best, it’s debatable.

Then in January, 2015 I received a call that began in the normal way, “Loral asked me to call you…”  That time, I received a full sales pitch about why I should incorporate my business and how it will positively affect how my business and I are viewed.  By incorporating, it would take my business to the next level.

I’d already purchased the Infusionsoft program which was supposed to take my business to the next level.  At that moment, I was not at any level.  I’d gone nowhere in two months, all the while trying to keep up with the mountain of tasks that were required of me for the money-back guarantee to be in effect.

In that call, I was offered a discount rate of $995 to become incorporated.

Again, I fell for it and paid the $995.

It wasn’t long afterward that I was contacted by the attorney who had handled my incorporation who tried to upsell me even more legal programs.

The attorney called me in January, 2016 trying to get me to pay for some sort of annual fee.  I declined.  I am no longer incorporated–another $995 that I’ll never see again.

These are just some of the examples of how, when, and why you’ll be incessantly upsold.

It’s a never-ending cycle.

But Wait, There’s More!Free?

Even one of the coaches by who I received extra free training tried to convince me to privately hire him for $3,000 to get me where I needed to be.  Although he was not as pushy as some of the sales pitches I’d received, in fact he wasn’t pushy at all.  In fact, all things considered, I liked him and still do.  On the other hand, he made sure he told me to wait until my commitment to/with LOL was completed or severed if I was to hire him as my coach.

By then I was completely disenchanted with LOL and everyone and everything associated with them.

I realized I was one of their flock of sheep and had been taken.  Furthermore, I would be taken for as long and for as much as I would allow.

It was at that point that I finally put my foot down and decided I’d never spend another cent with them or anyone connected or associated with them.  I’d do my best to complete the year I’d paid for and hope I’d get something out of it.

As it turned out, I did not complete the year as my coach had severed my relationship with her and I became increasingly more fed up with the whole mess.

During the summer of 2015, I filed a small claims court case against LOL in attempt to get the money I had wasted refunded to me.  Small claims court in CA allows for claims up to $10,000, which is the amount I sued for.

However, lo and behold, after paying the filing fee in CA, I learned that my case would probably be thrown out of court.  Claims need to be filed in the county where the company does business.  LOL is in Douglas County, Nevada, near Lake Tahoe.

It’s Over-Priced–Your Money And Time Are Better Spent ElsewhereShock

If the $7,500 I paid to be part of the program, the $1,700 I wasted on the Infusionsoft program, and the $995 I wasted to incorporate myself wasn’t enough, as it turned out, to add insult to injury, I ended spending another $400 to have a service handle the filing and have LOL properly served in Nevada.

However, I am not counting the cost of driving to Lake Tahoe (about a 9 hour drive), and all the additional costs associated with that, not to mention the cost of lost time away from work.

I won my case, or so I thought.

In NV, small claims cases can be appealed, which LOL did.  It’s also legal in NV to be represented by an attorney in court, which LOL did.

I was not up to hiring an attorney.  I was already into it for more than I could bear.

I had to make yet another trip to NV, lose another day of work, and spend the time and money it took one more time.

In the end, the judge reversed his initial ruling and LOL prevailed.

It’s not that I didn’t present a good case but the attorney for LOL knew the proper lingo etc. and how to schmooze with the judge, which the judge obviously appreciated.  For this reason, and the technicality within the contract that the attorney harped on, I lost and they won.

I can think of many ways I’d have rather spent what amounted to well over $12,000, perhaps as much as $15,000. It would be different if I had received some benefit from this costly experience.

The bottom line is it’s over-priced–your time & money are better spent elsewhere.  That’s certainly true in my case!

I did learn a lesson though.  The lesson I learned was/is that I have no one to blame but myself for being such a fool. I need to be much more careful about whom I trust.

In a nutshell, here is the message I received for the money I paid:No Kidding!

  • Be Creative
  • Work hard
  • Contact lots of people
  • Don’t give up

I knew these things before I began.

For what I paid, I expected to get some customized, valuable insight and guidance in the form of one-on-one personal training and coaching tailored to my personality and strengths about how to go about them.

That’s what I was promised.  That’s what I signed up for.  That’s why I paid the money I did.

It wasn’t to be.

The money I spent (wasted is more like it) would definitely have been better spent elsewhere.

I’ll bring this to a close with these statements:

I don’t fault LOL for being who and what they are and Loral for being who and what she is.  They may have more to offer than I’m aware of and I’m pretty sure they’ve been able to help some people (they claim it’s in the thousands of people) achieve financial success.  

On the other hand, they seem to play on the emotions of people who are the most vulnerable and who are in financial trouble, if not dire straits.  If someone has the time and money to spend that is required by Live Out Loud, perhaps they will benefit.

That was not the case for me.

That is why these are the 3 reasons you should not pay Live Out Loud by Loral Langemeier—Part 2.

The 3 Reasons:

  • You’ll Have Little, If Any Direct Contact With Loral
  • You’ll Be Incessantly Up-Sold
  • It’s Over-Priced–Your Time & Money Are Better Spent Elsewhere

If you choose to sign up, you have been warned!

In retrospect, I wish I’d paid more attention to the warnings instead of allowing myself to get so caught up in all of it.  I was so deep in the forest of financial despair that I couldn’t see the trees (good sense).  My sense of logic was tainted and twisted.

I also posted a complaint on the website of the Reno, NV Better Business Bureau that includes their responses.

Here Is A Much More Viable And Affordable Recommendation

If you are interested in starting your own business, learning about internet marketing and affiliate marketing, I highly recommend the program offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

Your money will be better spent, you’ll receive better support, and it will cost you a lot less money.  Besides that, it’s more fun.

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I have explored the second and third of 3 reasons why you should not pay for Live Out Loud by Loral Langemeier.  I have also provided what I believe is a much better choice.

If you have questions/comments leave a reply below and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

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